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Solar Power International 2013 postscript, Part 3

As the dust settles after this year’s Solar Power International, the coverage from the various media outlets can be evaluated more comprehensively, now that most of the post-show news stories and blog-features have been filed along with the on-the-ground reporting and blogging. Donning my curatorial hat, I sample some creamy samples that rise to the […]

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Guest post: Smart inverters — A good resident on the grid

The recent Greentech Media Solar Summit provided a great opportunity for the solar industry to gauge where it is, and more importantly, where it’s headed. That’s what struck me as I participated in the panel discussion titled, “From Grid-Tied to Grid-Integrated PV: Enabling Solar Through Smarter Systems.” My fellow industry panelists and I covered a […]

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The forecast calls for more solar

Like the rest of north-central Europe, Belgium is not known for its high level of insolation and is often overlooked during discussions of solar industry growth. Yet with more than 2.5GW of mostly rooftop PV now interconnected to the grid, the country is a member of the gigawatt club, the exclusive group of countries with […]

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Solar rides out the storm

The impact of Hurricane Sandy on solar power systems in its path, both installed and under construction, has been a matter of concern to owners, integrators, and others in the downstream PV value chain. During Greentech Media’s U.S. Solar Market Insights conference held earlier this week in Burlingame, CA, several participants–including Dan Alcombright of Solon, […]

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We’re talking terawatts, baby!

The Curator took a few days off, so the first post-R&R batch of Fresh Picks pulls from content that appeared during the past week or so. First up, a couple of curated items replete with eye-popping theoretical and real-world numbers, followed by a tip of the hat to three noteworthy solar power projects and a […]

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Underestimate solar power at your peril

Few recent solarized headlines in the mainstream media have leapt out at the Curator like the one topping Brad Plumer’s June 19 Wonkblog column on the Washington Post website: “Are we wildly underestimating solar and wind power?” Since the “we” in this case are not those in the renewables community who have come to understand […]

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Introducing the SolarCurator Tweature

Twitter may limit each Tweet to 140 characters or less, but what happens when a large collection of microblogs gets pulled together into one, longer-form feature? You get what we like to call a Tweature. The Curator attended Greentech Media’s Solar Summit in Phoenix this week and live-Tweeted thousands of characters from the conference. Since many […]

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