Cloudy Britain lights the way

It’s fair to say that for the last year, the European market has been lingering in the solar doldrums, being well and truly outshone by its Asian and American counterparts. The region’s decrease in PV activity has been intrinsically linked to the shrinking of PV deployment in Germany, once the juggernaut of European solar installation..

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Viva Latin American solar!

PHOENIX–The combined Latin America-Caribbean region stands poised to become one of the hottest solar markets. This year, installations should exceed 1.2GW, representing a dizzying year-on-year growth rate of 678%, according to GTM Research analyst Adam James. As he noted during his market outlook presentation at last week’s Greentech Media..

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Whole lotta disruption goin’ on

PHOENIX–Disruption may be a dirty word for certain status quo lovers and stability devotees, but among the true believers in the solar power cadre, we likes us our disruption in both its evolutionary and revolutionary forms. Admittedly, use of the term has grown a bit tiresome. Though it’s less accurate in some respects, albeit a..

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Climate change silver lining?

The recent series of reports from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, better known as IPCC, reached a crescendo over the weekend with the issuance of the latest working group study. Coverage of the report received top billing on websites and publications such as the BBC, New York Times, the Guardian, and even […]

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Reenvisioning the solar music video

Maine may not have many famous native rock n’ roller sons and daughters (Juliana Hatfield?), but it can claim one of the better rocking solar installer teams in the land. A freshly strummed solar music video is making the viral rounds, featuring a group calling themselves the ReVisionistas, which is a bunch of guys who […]

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The rise of Midwest solar power

If there’s one region that has recently encapsulated the great strides solar has made in the United States, it’s the Midwest. Just two years ago, that sentence would have seemed unlikely. However, through new state legislative actions, local initiatives, and community education schemes, particularly over the past several weeks, the Midwest is..

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Happy anniversary, silicon solar cell

There’s a landmark date fast approaching on the solar industry calendar. April 25 will mark the 60th birthday of Bell Lab’s 1954 press conference announcing the invention of the first “practical” silicon solar cell. News coverage at the time waxed enthusiastic about the discovery. The story made the front page of the next day’s..

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Solar March Madness

You could call it Solar March Madness, British style. UK-based Solar Power Portal has an exclusive video interview with Lightsource Renewable Energy CEO Nick Boyle, in which he provides details on his company’s ridiculous levels of interconnection activity last month. The herculean effort was carried out to get the projects completed under the..

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Crimean solar PV power plants intrigue

International geopolitical dust-ups and solar power deployment don’t overlap on a regular basis, but the crises in Ukraine and Crimea do have a photovoltaic element in play. Several large utility-scale solar PV power plants in the newly annexed Russian region—many of which are owned by Activ Solar–benefit from being part of the Ukrainian..

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Solar prank sucker

They dangled the bait in the water, and like a sucker, I bit. I should have known better than to engage so early in my day. The pranksters at Tigo Energy had me going for a few minutes with their clever, solar-geek-specific April Fools’ Day gag. The headline read: “Tigo Energy is Pleased to Announce […]

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