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Veterans working in solar get to serve our nation twice

U.S. military veterans play an increasingly important role in the solar industry. As a new Solar Foundation and Operation Free joint report drawn from the recent solar jobs census makes clear, thousands of former soldiers, airman, sailors, and marines have found employment manufacturing solar components, developing projects, designing and installing residential and commercial PV and […]

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Solar supply and demand balancing act

The ongoing global balancing act of solar supply and demand captures the attention of many a market researcher and industry observer. The sour aftertaste of the production overcapacity-driven module glut of the past few years still reminds upstream manufacturers and their equipment and materials suppliers of the perils of overexuberance and installers of the delights […]

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Captain Sunshine, head of state?

It’s one thing to have a pro-solar politician, but to have a solar industry pro talk about running for political office is quite another. In Israel, one of the more colorful PV advocates is not talking about standing for just any elected position but says he may throw his hat into the Knesset ring as […]

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A tale of three solar leaders

Two of the three solar leaders highlighted in this post should be familiar to the PV crowd, but the third company probably does not have the same level of name/brand recognition. First Solar and SolarCity often find themselves in the news and as the topic of stock market analyst chatter, but ATK Technologies attracts more […]

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Soggy solar, successful solar

Although the winter weather in most of the U.S. has been brutal or nonexistent (in my droughty California), over in Great Britain, the amount of precipitation has been “worst in 200 years” epic, with much of the land of my ancestors either seriously soggy or under water. Considering the boom in gigawatt levels of solar […]

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The Ivanpah conundrum

No solar project has received more mainstream and trade media oohs, aahs, and forehead slaps than Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, and for good reason. The massive 392MW concentrating solar power (CSP) plant, sitting interstate close to Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert, is extremely photogenic, beautiful in its own way, futuristic, aspirational, and now, […]

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A tribute to solar PV pioneer Bill Yerkes, 1935-2014

The solar power family lost one of its founding fathers when John W. “Bill” Yerkes passed away January 29. He was one month shy of his eightieth birthday. I found out about his passing earlier this week when Solar World paid tribute to the man. Since then, there has been an astonishing lack of coverage in […]

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Billion-dollar markets, Antarctic solar dreams

The solar module business topped $30 billion in revenues last year, with the premium-priced Japanese and low-priced Chinese markets (and their disparate dollars garnered vs. shipped megawatts data) accounting for about half of the sales, according to new estimates from GTM Research. Although still not at the level of the 2011 peak/bubble of more than […]

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Power grid horror story

If you want the crap scared out of you, you don’t need to watch another gore-filled slasher flick or zombie-apocalypse excuse for cable TV carnage, or page-turn the latest piece of dystopian-thriller fiction. For a gut-churning slice of hyper-realistic high anxiety, check out the Los Angeles Times’ story (also reported elsewhere) about the carefully planned […]

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Fukushima solar sunrise

Fukushima, a name forever paired with one of the world’s worst natural and nuclear disasters, will soon be linked again with the cleansing power of solar energy. JFE Holdings has broken ground on a 26.2MW ground-mount PV project on the site of a former golf course in the Japanese prefecture. JFE’s engineering arm is building […]

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