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Roadkill on the thin-film PV highway

Other than First Solar, Solar Frontier, Hanergy, TSMC Solar, Stion, Sharp, and a few other survivors, the photovoltaics manufacturing highway has become littered over the past few years with the roadkill of shuttered thin-film PV companies and struggling technologies. From the (in)famous “S” whose name shall not be said to flexible amorphous-silicon innovator ECD Uni-Solar […]

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POTUS gives mad props for solar

Just a few days after many of us in the solar community were shouting out, President Barack Obama gave some mad props for solar during the State of the Union address. His words– and the commentary about them–have been bouncing around the cleantech and solar media echo chambers, with reactions ranging from big props to […]

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Sapphire meets solar in your hand?

The guessing game around Apple’s plans to utilize sapphire glass as its iPhone and iPad cover material of choice has taken a solar turn. A fresh post by Anthony Wing Kosner at Forbes’ “Quantum of Content” blog curates a pair of impressively thorough features by Seeking Alpha blogger Matt Margolis focusing on Apple’s sapphire partner, […]

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Guest post: A ‘stampede to solar’

Rhone Resch of SEIA has penned a terrific blog post in celebration of Shout Out for Solar day and the 40th birthday of the trade association he heads. The Curator liked the piece so much, I asked permission to re-publish the article in its entirety. During a quick chat with a very busy SEIA communications […]

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A solar power cuppa tea

For the uninformed, the idea of a booming solar power market in the notoriously cloudy U.K. might seem absurd. But the numbers don’t lie. Rather than being at sixes and sevens, the British small- and large-scale PV sectors are actually at sixes and sixes: NPD Solarbuzz ranks the two main industry segments at number 6 […]

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Rapid utility-scale solar deployment

Compared to the likes of most other First Solar utility-scale solar farms—many of which reach hundreds of megawatts in size–the 22MW (AC) Barilla Solar Project in colorfully named Pecos County is relatively small potatoes in scale. But the West Texas site stands out for one significant reason. As coverage in Solar Server and elsewhere has […]

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Another solar history lesson

Leave it to Paula Mints to school the photovoltaic community with a solar history lesson cum reality check. In her latest post at Renewable Energy World, the data-driven market researcher shares a fascinating look into the solar market since 2000, with a pie-chart-happy examination of the top PV module suppliers—and overall market sizes—during the period. […]

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The Elon Musk solar lovefest

The latest smooch in the Elon Musk lovefest comes via a post by Dominic Basulto in the Washington Post’s “Innovations” blog. Titled “Elon Musk’s Five Insights into Solar Energy” (what, only five?), the self-described futurist-blogger poses the question, “What does Elon Musk know about solar that the rest of us don’t?” The Musker is not […]

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Cleantech blowback

The blowback from the much-pilloried “60 Minutes” segment on cleantech continues to howl. The latest retort comes from none other than Vinod Khosla, who was prominently featured in the story. The Mighty V has issued a scathing, exhaustive, point-by-point 2000-word epic takedown, headlined “Open Letter to 60 Minutes and CBS.” Here’s how he kicks it […]

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The faces of residential solar

Freshly baked data came out last week that underscore one of the ongoing major stories in the solar community: parts of the United States are experiencing a solar power boom and the market as a whole ranks among the world’s leaders. NPD Solarbuzz says that the PV market in the U.S. reached a record 4.2GW […]

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