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Happy days for U.S. solar big dogs

Having the quarterly earnings releases from two of the big dogs of U.S. solar—SunPower and First Solar—on successive days provides an opportunity for some mix-and-match observations. That both companies pretty much killed it in their respective third quarters and each boast multigigawatt pipelines makes the rumination more fun and bodes well for the continued growth […]

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Solar Power International 2013 postscript, Part 3

As the dust settles after this year’s Solar Power International, the coverage from the various media outlets can be evaluated more comprehensively, now that most of the post-show news stories and blog-features have been filed along with the on-the-ground reporting and blogging. Donning my curatorial hat, I sample some creamy samples that rise to the […]

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Solar Power International 2013 postscript, Part 2

CHICAGO–Two unmistakable industry/exhibitor trends continued to manifest at this year’s Solar Power International show: the growing number of companies offering energy storage solutions and the ultracompetitiveness of the inverter space, with several new or at least underpublicized players exhibiting their wares. One fresh face in the storage space is a company well-known in other arenas, […]

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Solar Power International 2013 postscript, Part 1

CHICAGO–Solar Power International 2013 has successfully run its course, but the news, analysis, and scuttlebutt generated at the show continue to pour into the solar industry’s content stream. Before I plow through the copious coverage and commentary created via other traditional and social media outlets, here’s a quick sampler of a few of the Curator’s […]

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Microinverter validation

Since Paul Nahi took the chief executive reins at Enphase in early 2007, the solar market in the U.S. and the rest of the world has exploded from a few gigawatts of cumulative installations to an annual global growth rate north of 30GW. He’s seen the homeowner’s reasons for wanting to install a PV system […]

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Solar in distant lands

As followers and fans of the Curator know, I love finding new and unexpected locales where solar power has been deployed and manufactured. A recent geographical example is the Pacific island nation of Fiji, where a report in the Jet newspaper relates the story of the first PV-powered supermarket in the country. RB Patel’s Jet […]

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The commercial embrace of solar

When I was growing up, if someone said, “he means business,” the phrase implied that the guy was serious in intent and focused on his objectives. The play on words inherent in the title of the new “Solar Means Business” report, issued by SEIA and Vote Solar, encompasses both that focused intent and the fact […]

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Solar-powered suds

Two of my favorite market disruptions–solar power and craft beer–converge when a brewery puts photovoltaics and/or solar hot water on its property. A freshly brewed example of the solar-powered suds trend comes from Louisiana, where South Coast Solar recently installed a 85KW system on the Abita Brewery facility rooftop, a PV array that will offset […]

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Big-numbered solar

Hundreds of megawatts (and gigawatt-hours), millions of panels, tens and hundreds of millions of dollars: increasingly, the numbers undergirding and enveloping the solar narrative can get really big—and keep getting bigger. Some days, several big-numbered stories can plop into the solar content curation pot. Today happens to be one of those days, as a fecund […]

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Of solar commodification and hydrogen passivation

Two leading lights in the solar industry provide different perspectives on the ongoing “PV modules are/are not a commodity” discussion in a pair of fresh features. On the “yes, they are” side (with a few caveats), Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Jenny Chase comments on new industry data and presents her argument for the commodity camp […]

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