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Solar data, solar dollars, solar difference

The solar industry has gone in a few short years from gee-whizzing over total production capacities and deployments in the megawatts and markets in the millions of dollars to more than 100GW of installed global generating capacity, deals and opportunities in the hundreds of millions, and an overall market hovering around $100 billion. That’s just […]

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Tragedy strikes solar community

The solar community has tragically lost two of its own. Mike Cyr, 41, and Jeff Randall, 35, of First Solar died when the small plane they were flying crashed near the Desert Sunlight project in Desert Center, CA. ReWire’s Chris Clarke broke the news yesterday and has since updated his post, and additional reports from […]

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Solar sustainability

The recent release of the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition annual report card on solar manufacturers’ environmental performance has been followed by a chorus of observers wondering why the grades were so mediocre, the participation was so underwhelming, and whether such metrics matter much to the average residential consumer. Many companies didn’t respond to the survey, […]

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Go big (solar) or go home?

More large utility-scale solar projects are in advanced development and under construction in the deserts of the American Southwest than anywhere else on the planet. Hundreds of megawatts of mostly photovoltaic power have begun to come onto the grid, while gigawatts more will join the interconnection parade over the next few years. Although the recently […]

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Two sides of the solar biz coin

(UPDATED) When the news of Gehrlicher Solar AG’s descent into insolvency hit the wires last month, one of the nagging questions concerned the status and disposition of its business units, especially the relatively healthy and growing Gehrlicher Solar Americas group. Just two weeks ago, Oliver Schartl, a German insolvency administrator, said that he saw “very […]

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PV parody strikes a nerve

Satire does not seem to sit well with the folks at Edison International corporate and their Southern California Edison minions. A scathingly satirical video from a group calling itself “Save Rooftop Solar” picks on the big investor-owned utility for its role in lobbying attempts to persuade Latino and other politicians in Sacramento to pass legislation that […]

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Solar torque

Finding an unanticipated media source is part of the fun of keeping the content flow going on SolarCurator. Autodesk’s Line/Shape/Space blog provides just such an unexpected curational nugget via an anecdotally rich post by Ken Micallef about Luminalt, a Northern California PV residential/commercial installer. Quotes from Eric Schoonbaert, a senior applications engineer with the 20-person […]

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Terawatt hours of power

This week’s solar news and commentary docket has been a solid one—PV on the White House, record-breaking c-Si cell results from Bosch and ISFH, biggest Enphase microinverter installation yet, signs of life in the production equipment sector, Jinko’s profitable quarter, and nine-digit M&A activity courtesy of SolarCity. But arguably the most compelling story comes from Germany, […]

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1600 Photovoltaic Avenue

(UPDATED) The wait is over, as the White House will finally be getting that photovoltaic power system we were promised, according to a report in the Washington Post. The installation, which then-Energy Secretary Steve Chu pledged (to get done) in 2010, has been delayed so long that since the ex-DOE boss’s pronouncement, the midterm and […]

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Romanian-style solar

Like many emerging markets in Europe and elsewhere, the Romanian solar scene has great promise and been the source of great difficulty. Consistent government policy has been lacking (and trending negative of late), even if the solar irradiation, especially in the southern part of the country, has not. Still, hundreds of megawatts have been installed […]

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