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Solar sector at inflection point?

Whenever Vishal Shah and his Deutsche Bank team issue a research note on the solar sector, the Curator sits up and takes notice. The veteran market analyst has a deep understanding of the technology, industry, and its players, and can be counted on to provide multitiered, granular analyses and forecasts. His new “Q2 Preview: Improving […]

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Solar benefits, solar costs

As gigawatts of solar come online in the U.S., it becomes increasingly important to address a central question: what are the costs and benefits of this ever-growing level of distributed solar connected to the grid? Although it’s premature to know the ultimate answer to this quandary, a new report from the Rocky Mountain Institute, “A […]

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The veracity of solar production capacity

There’s a nagging question in the photovoltaic manufacturing sector: can we take the production capacity numbers presented by companies and market researchers at face value? What do they really mean? Is one gigawatt of capacity equivalent to another? If a cell- or module-maker is outsourcing some of its production to a lower-tier manufacturer, whose capacity […]

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Good ol’ poly

Polysilicon could be called the mother’s milk of crystalline-silicon solar cell manufacturing, the foundational material on which 85-90% of the world’s PV is made. Good ol’ poly is not usually a topic for discussion in the mainstream media, but the new solar-related antidumping tariffs instituted by the Chinese against U.S. and South Korean exporters have […]

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Getting on the solar industry’s radar

Rwanda and Belarus have not been on many observers’ solar industry radar screens, but news reports from the two disparate countries suggest that they may be joining the PV deployment parade in the next few years. That’s a great thing about covering the ongoing clean energy revolution; there’s always another regional market poised to start […]

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Keeping the back-slapping to a minimum

The solar community loves to pat itself on the back and point to the numerous positive narratives and glowing case studies that proliferate in this most fascinating sector of the ongoing clean energy revolution. As a result, some of us storytellers often get caught up in the feel-good, glass-half-full wave of positive vibrations and neglect […]

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Best and the rest from Intersolar North America, Part 3

The solar industry is still buzzing about the controversial New York Times article published on May 29, which posited a growing problem with defective PV panels. The Curator weighed in with a commentary, as did other pundits and analysts. No one has taken that ball and run with it quite like Jennifer Runyon of Renewable […]

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Best and the rest from Intersolar North America, Part 2

A single SolarCurator blog-post isn’t enough to properly regulate the firehose of content that gushed out of last week’s Intersolar North America confab in San Francisco. As the afterglow lingers like a many-hued midsummer Northern California sunset, most solar-focused media outlets continue to file stories based on information gleaned from the exhibit halls, conference sessions, […]

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Best and the rest from Intersolar North America, Part 1

Intersolar North America 2013 may be done and dusted, but the show coverage continues to seep out across many of the usual media outlets. I’ve perused most of the thousands of words, scores of photos, and hours of podcasts and videos published so far. Here’s the first batch of hyperlinked quotes and comments of note. […]

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Intersolar North America viewpoint, Part 2

SAN FRANCISCO–The swift growth of the U.S. downstream solar PV business over the past five years has taken all but the most optimistic forecasters by surprise. As Shayle Kann explained during the Intersolar North America analyst breakfast hosted by Greentech Media and SolarCurator, the amount of residential, commercial/industrial, and utility installations has increased by more […]

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