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Whole lotta funding going on

It’s not every week that the solar industry enjoys the influx of a few billion dollars in investments, notes, loans, tax equity, and other varieties of financial support. But that’s what has happened over the past few days, as a deluge of denominated announcements have been issued across the spectrum of the photovoltaic world. The […]

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Time for real change

In one of the most important and even inspiring speeches of his presidency, Barack Obama laid out his agenda for a climate change and renewable energy policy on Tuesday. The cleantech and renewables specialist media was all over it, as were many of the usual outlets in the mainstream press (although coverage on cable news […]

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PV inverter bipolarities

Solar inverter market leader SMA had quite a manic-depressive cycle last week. The German company upcycled gleefully as it celebrated winning an Intersolar Award for its Sunny Boy Smart Energy inverter-with-integrated-storage product, and then crashed into the gloom as it told investors that second-quarter revenues will come in at little more than half of what […]

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Microsolar testimonial

Most testimonials from satisfied solar customers consist of praises sung to saving money on their utility bills, doing their part to fight climate change and help the environment, and embracing the inherent coolness factor of photovoltaics and solar water heating. Residential installers and finance companies say that word of mouth may be their most powerful […]

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Solar event channel coverage

Two major events on the solar industry calendar are taking place this week—Intersolar Europe in Munich and the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference in Tampa, FL. Although the Curator could not attend either happening this year, correspondents from PV-magazine, Greentech Media, and other outlets are providing on-scene coverage. Companies also leverage the expo- and conference-driven opportunities […]

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Keeping the promise of thin-film PV alive

While the $427-million-plus garnered from the public offering by thin-film PV kingpin First Solar may have attracted the attention and analysis of the financial and project development sectors, there have been other weighty announcements of a more technological and performance variety coming from First’s TFPV counterparts. The pair of conversion efficiency records from CI(G)S manufacturers […]

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Stepping up from the underground

“Notes from the Solar Underground” has a certain antiestablishment resonance,  whether it reflects Dostoyefsky-like alienation or Occupy-fired rebellion. But for someone of the stature/celebrity of Paula Mints, neither connotation exactly rings true. Headline aside, the latest blog-commentary from the self-described “global solar activist, anthropologist/market researcher” provides her usual combination of deep industry knowledge and perspective, […]

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Highlights from the solar continuum

As the workweek winds to a close, the Curator would like to offer a hand-crafted wrap-up of recent highlights from the solar community content continuum, from rousing new market data to updates on the evolving module encapsulant technology space to the latest on that glorious solar bird winging its way to the nation’s capitol. Feel-good […]

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From dirt clods to electrons

Sitting on more than nine acres of land near Brighton in rural Adams County, Colorado, the Hangar 160 solar field can lay claim to its 15 minutes of photovoltaic fame. The privately owned site, sporting a 20-year PPA with Touchstone Energy’s United Power unit, is said to be the largest solar installation of any utility […]

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Making the case for CSP (updated)

(Updated) While much of the industry pats itself on the back for the amazing growth in all three food groups of photovoltaic installations reflected in the data in the latest “U.S. Solar Market Insights” report by GTM Research and SEIA, let’s not forget that other member of the solar electricity-generating family—concentrating solar power. Although CSP […]

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