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Full-spectrum solar milestones

With the end of the last week of the first full month of spring at hand, it’s time to recognize some significant milestones across the spectrum of the global solar community that have come to pass as the days get longer (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway). Congrats to REC Solar and its parent company, Mainstream […]

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Google’s solar search

If you do a Google search for “South African solar,” the top results will be—surprise!–stories about Google’s own $12 million investment in the 96MW (DC) Jasper Solar Energy Project under advanced development in the Northern Cape province. The Internet giant posted the news about its latest renewable energy move on its Green and official blogs, […]

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Pachyderm in the PV parlor

There may be no more compelling argument against the “solar modules are a commodity” canard than the vexing issue of inconsistent panel quality and reliability. While the overwhelming majority of photovoltaic products work well, there’s evidence that a small but growing percentage of modules are underperforming–or in some cases flat out failing—because of defects related […]

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Going commercial

The solar market sandwiched between the residential- and utility-scale spaces, with system sizes of tens of kilowatts up to a few megawatts, is often paraphrased as the “commercial-industrial-governmental” sector. GTM Research calls it simply the “nonresidential” part of the PV deployment business. I prefer the term “commercial.” Whatever your nomenclature druthers, the sector represents a […]

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Power of concentration

Few tricks of solar energy efficiency enhancement are more alluring than concentration. For those of us who toyed with a magnifying glass to aim the sun’s beams on a leaf or a bug when we were kids (mea culpa), the idea is relatively simple—using optical or reflective media to focus and increase our star’s intensity […]

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Clean energy for national security

The Obama Administration may be a big supporter of solar and other renewable energies as part of its greenprint for the nation’s future, but it’s seldom that the cleantech industry gets some love on the White House blog. The release late last week of the new SEIA report, “Enlisting the Sun: Powering the U.S. Military […]

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Thin film in the U.K.?

If you had asked most PV industry observers several years ago which regions would be booming in 2013, many would have completely overlooked the United Kingdom. A legit 1-2GW annual market now, the island nation has exceeded the expectations of all but the most bulldogish solar champions. But one thing missing from the fast-growing sector […]

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Solar incongruities

It’s hard to imagine a more seemingly incongruous pair of news items from one company than the latest announcements by Chinese problem-child LDK Solar. The company finally issued its 2012 results via the requisite SEC 20-F document, and the numbers add up to a gruesome tale burbling with blood-red ink. As reported at PV-Tech and […]

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SNEC state of mind

The largest tradeshow in the global solar industry, SNEC PV Power Expo, is taking place in Shanghai this week. Although the Curator is not attending—and therefore not reporting directly from–this year’s event at the massive SNIEC convention center, PV-magazine has filled the informational void somewhat by already filing several English-language posts from the heart of […]

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Upping the ante

Don’t say you weren’t warned, but reports coming out of Europe strongly suggest that the so-called “solar trade war” may be heating up again. According to posts at PV-magazine, PV-Tech, Bloomberg, Reuters, Business Green, and elsewhere, anonymous sources are telling the news outlets that the European Commission has approved antidumping tariffs on Chinese PV imports […]

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