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‘Major U.S. markets are chock full of developers with projects’

The Curator sat down with GTM Research‘s Shayle Kann at the recent U.S. Solar Market Insight conference to talk about project development and system installation deployment, the so-called downstream portion of the domestic solar power industry. The conversation ranged from unexpected trends in the commercial market, the emergence of leases and other third-party financing as the […]

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What did they get wrong this time?

Every time another installment of the Los Angeles Times’ “The Solar Desert” series has been published over the past several months, solar-informed readers have girded themselves for those inevitable “what did they get wrong this time” moments. The latest article, which came out in the Sunday, Nov. 25, edition of the Times, continues in head-shakingly […]

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Concentration tribulation

Concentrating photovoltaics systems produce more power than any other type of PV setup, bar none. With module efficiencies approaching the mid 30s and total systems conversion numbers pushing toward the high 20s, nothing else comes close. To achieve their superior electron density and output per square meter, the utility-scale tracker-driven arrays must be located in […]

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Chinese power play

Although it’s too early to really know what the newly seated Chinese leadership will do to bolster the country’s struggling solar manufacturers or accelerate solar deployment, a report from an industry conference in Guangdong province provides a real-time reaction to the events on the ground. Eckhart Gouras of PV-magazine writes from SEMI’s Distributed PV Application […]

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Satisfied solar customer

There might be no better solar power champion than the satisfied customer, yet the industry doesn’t do as good a job at getting their stories told as it could. That’s what makes Kevin Tofel’s fresh post at GigaOm Earth 2 Tech so welcome. A resident of Telford, PA (a town halfway between Allentown and Philadelphia), […]

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Four more years

The re-election of President Barack Obama elicited a massive exhale from the majority of the U.S. solar industry, as the most actively pro-renewables (if a bit too comfy with fossil) chief executive in history will get another four years to craft his vision of a clean energy economy. “Since President Obama took office, the amount […]

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Moving the needle

The national elections being held today in the United States are not the only big news of the week. Tomorrow, the International Trade Commission gives its final thumbs-up/thumbs-down (AKA duties/no duties) determination on whether U.S. solar manufacturers have been “materially injured” by imports from Chinese solar cell manufacturers. Then Thursday, the 18th Communist Party Congress […]

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Solar rides out the storm

The impact of Hurricane Sandy on solar power systems in its path, both installed and under construction, has been a matter of concern to owners, integrators, and others in the downstream PV value chain. During Greentech Media’s U.S. Solar Market Insights conference held earlier this week in Burlingame, CA, several participants–including Dan Alcombright of Solon, […]

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