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Best in show

Although Solar Power International 2012 has been wrapped up for two weeks (with EU PVSEC trudging to a close this week and PV Taiwan lurking next week), the post-SPI info flow continues to trickle in. If the Curator were to point to one media source that has produced the biggest compendium of show coverage, pre […]

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Point, counterpoint, call and response

Two recent features in prominent publications have raised the ire and hackles of many in the U.S. solar community. The first is the latest installment in the Los Angeles Times’ “Solar Desert” series, this one bearing the headline “The sun’s Midas touch” on the front page above the fold of the September 21 print edition […]

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Differentiation situation

The opening of SoloPower’s volume production facility in Portland, OR, this Thursday has also reopened the cans of worms known as the Department of Energy loan guarantee program and its poster child for failure, Solyndra. A Reuters news feature making the syndication rounds (spawning largely ignorant/misinformed comment threads as it goes) spends part of its […]

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Steppe-wise change

The solar revolution isn’t just about filling up residential and commercial rooftops with rack-mount systems or populating desert-scape utility-scale plants with phalanxes of panels. There’s also an underserved market of a billion or two Earthlings who lack any sort of access to electricity, for whom a modest PV system can be a life-changer.Thanks to a […]

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Hollywood mogul goes solar

The movie production company that took 3-D filmmaking to the next level and introduced us to the nature-loving, tall blue Na’vi humanoids of the planet Pandora in “Avatar” has gone solar. James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment has become the proud owner of a 960KW PV system installed by Stellar Energy on three separate, barrel-shaped rooftops on […]

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The many colors of solar

The requisite news and schmooze blast of Solar Power International 2012 not only left the Curator reeling with information overload, but also needing to catch up with the rest of the non-SPI-related solar community content flow.  The upside is, there’s a wide assortment of curatables ready for harvest. Let’s start with a couple of industry […]

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Disruptive technology on the show floor

ORLANDO, FL–When attending an industry tradeshow, I’m often asked by folks about the most interesting or unusual things I’ve seen or heard on the show floor or in the conference sessions. My response usually includes a variety of exhibitor products and newly recognized emerging trends, reinforced opinions or sarcastic remarks about a particularly challenged booth […]

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SPI on the fly

ORLANDO, FL—As Solar Power International ramps up here this week, the second-quarter U.S. Solar Market Insight data have just been released, and the numbers reflect the continued strong growth of solar installations. Q2 2012 was the second-best quarter ever, with 742MW deployed; utility-scale power plants contributed 477MW to the amount. This brings the total installed […]

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Solar installer on a mission

Jim Jenal is not your typical NABCEP-certified solar installer. The CEO of Run on Sun, a Pasadena, CA-based residential and commercial integrator, gave up a successful law practice to start his company in September 2006. Before he took up lawyering, he spent time as a researcher at Bell Labs and as a high school math […]

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History lesson

If the solar industry thinks the perturbations, consolidations, and conflagrations that it’s going through are unique, think again. Many of the current growing pains have parallels in the evolution of the semiconductor and display industries, according to “Globalization: The Next Phase of Industry Development,” a recent essay from Bettina Weiss, VP of SEMI’s PV group. […]

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