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May 9, 2012  | solarcurator  | 1 Comment

Solar marketing, 30 seconds at a time

New SunRun TV ads promote residential PV as cash saver

The term “solar marketing” used to be considered an oxymoron far too often, given the sector’s traditional lack of acumen for getting the word out. Thankfully, clever, on-point B2C and B2B marketers are not as rare as they used to be, as exemplified by the efforts of folks like Tor Valenza and his “Unthink Solar” and “Solar Fred” activities, provocative and/or entertaining corporate campaigns from companies like REC Solar and Sungevity, steady messaging from firms like SunPower, major league sports sponsorships by Canadian Solar, Yingli, and others, as well as “take it to the installers” efforts like Trina Solar’s “Raise the Roof” parties convening in musically inclined watering holes around the US (including New York City May 17).

A colleague tipped me (word-of-mouth curation) to an article on Fast Company’s Co.Exist site, about SunRun’s new advertising campaign, which features three brand-enhancing 30-second TV spots created by the San Francisco-based agency, Heat. The ads turn the “solar is for hippies” canard on its head, as the earth-friendly customers tell the voiceover guy that the reason they chose to have solar installed on their house was to save money, not necessarily to save—as one spot satirizes–the dolphin babies, or anything else other than cold hard cash.

Being green is great, but saving the other green is a message everyone can relate to–and one that Team Solar needs to hammer with a smile.


Sources: Fast Company, SunRun, Heat, YouTube, misc.

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