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Keepin’ it green and clean

One would think from the nature of the products they make–the epitome of clean energy technology–that solar manufacturers would be paragons of sustainable, environmentally friendly, and humane, worker-safe practices. Alas, such has not always been the case, although the scorecard for solar production accidents and substandard workplace conditions compares favorably with the more carbon-based cousins […]

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Double-digit German gigawatts

Hand-wringing over the fate of the German feed-in tariff took a back seat to a marvelous display over the weekend of just how deeply solar power has proliferated in the country where the industry exploded.  Fueled by brilliant, summerlike sunshine, the collective PV systems generated 22GW over a 24-hour period (the equivalent of ~20 nuke […]

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Frank Lloyd Wright goes solar!

Just as the architectural and design sensibility of Frank Lloyd Wright melded the human element and the natural world, there’s a special synergy between the sustainability envisioned by the great architect and solar power. Although he passed away before the dawn of the first age of photovoltaics, Wright’s vision lives on at the National Historic Landmark […]

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Adventures in Chinese solar branding

A recurring theme during the Curator’s walkabout through the SNEC PV Power Expo halls and outside exhibits was the Chinese solar companies’ penchant for “creative” English branding, taglines, and marketing approaches. Some names came right out of the “lost in translation” annals (linguistically and culturally), others suggested a heroic tone, and many showed a knack […]

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Tweeting solar from Shanghai

SHANGHAI, CHINA–The second SolarCurator Tweature compiles and augments the Tweets posted before, during, and after the massive SNEC PV Power Expo 2012, which took place in Shanghai, China, last week.  The Curator’s forays onto the show floor and beyond yielded cogent factoids, unusual observations, thought-jarring commentary, and selective re-Tweets—all captured in 140 words or less. […]

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Antidumping duty calls

SHANGHAI, CHINA–If it weren’t for the Zuckerbergian drama of Facebook going public, the Department of Commerce’s solar trade action news might have garnered even more attention. Still, the announcement of the preliminary penalties against Chinese cell/module companies put a damper on some of the already muted enthusiasm among many exhibitors on the SNEC show floor. […]

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A refreshing Q&A with Charlie Gay

SHANGHAI, CHINA–With his laconic but passionate basso profundo voice and welcome tendency to go off the corporate script when he preaches his perpetually optimistic gospel of solar energy, industry veteran Charlie Gay remains one of the more endearing characters on the renewables scene. Any of us who have chatted with him over the years know […]

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Punching holes in the Great (Fire)wall

SHANGHAI, CHINA–The annual SNEC PV Power Expo megashow is just about to get under way here, with 17 expo halls at the SNIEC complex likely to test the endurance and patience of attendees and exhibitors alike. The Curator will be using Twitter (via @cheynman, with some via @solarcurator) as his main means of sending out […]

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Another solar oldie but goodie

Content curation is a process of discovery, and in the case of SolarCurator, that process is not necessarily tied down to the latest, greatest, loudest, or lamest info from across the sector. A recent Tweet from Robert French (@frenchrh) guided me to a nearly two-year-old piece from Martin Holladay in his still-kicking “Musings of an […]

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Solar media trifecta: social, mainstream, trade

The use of social media is growing in the solar community, as individuals, companies and organizations take advantage of the enhanced outreach and information-sharing potential inherent in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like. In the case of Twitter, while the number of active solar Tweeters is growing—the Curator began Tweeting as @cheynman earlier this year, […]

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