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No, thin film solar is not dead

Greentech’s annual solar summit rolls back into Phoenix this week, after a year’s hiatus outside the Grand Canyon State.  In the lead-up to the conference, the GTM editorial team has posted a steady stream of content, either directly related to the event (AKA promotional/infomercial) or pertaining to its research group’s reports that will be part […]

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Digging through the details

Another batch of SEC 20-Fs “annual and transition reports of foreign private issuers” has been issued by publicly traded Chinese solar companies over the past week or so, including Yingli Green, Suntech, Canadian Solar, China Sunergy, and Renesola. For industry wonks, such reports provide a wealth of information from the respective companies, bringing together a […]

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Solar on the subcontinent…and Superfund sites

A pair of fresh curatables come from Jessica Lillian and her team at Solar Industry, one of the dependable news and occasional analysis sites serving the community. The first story provides some first-hand color on the burgeoning Indian market, the other summarizes the latest “decision tree” tools developed through an intriguing joint effort from the […]

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Solar farms of epic proportions

While storm clouds continue to darken the solar sector, several utility-scale surges of positive photonic energy have parted the gloom over the past week or so. Within a matter of days, historic milestones have been achieved on three continents, as the largest PV power plants in Asia (India), Europe (Germany), and the United States (Arizona), […]

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Solar thievery on the rise?

After going through the long, sometimes arduous process of designing, engineering, procuring, permitting, building, and interconnecting a solar power system, one of the last things on the owner’s or operator’s mind is larceny. Yet according to a well-worth-the-read feature on the Renewable Energy World site (which also appears in the REW print edition supplement, Large […]

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The myth of expensive residential solar

Poll after poll shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans, regardless of political beliefs, like or love solar power, believe more of it should be deployed, and would have an array installed on their rooftop if the price was right. And there’s the rub, according to a new survey conducted by residential solar leaders Sunrun […]

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Waterways and solar arrays

Most solar folks’ thoughts turn to residential and commercial rooftops or medium to massive ground-mount-based farms when the topic of PV power systems comes up. Although those mainstream installations certainly make up the majority of megawatts deployed, the application space has widened to include alternative structures and sites that include carports, landfills, water treatment centers, […]

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Solar grows in the Motherland

Though not much of a multimegawatt market today, Africa has tremendous solar upside. The resource is excellent across large swaths of territory, and most of the continent has little or no access to electricity, especially outside the urban areas. In Lux Research’s “Market Size Update 2012: The Push to a Post-Subsidy Solar Industry” report issued […]

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It’s always darkest before the dawn

Even though the current solar consolidational bloodletting shows no signs of stopping any time soon, the longer-term view still holds the promise of a terawatt-scale market for those able to survive the growing pains of a still-immature industry. A new report takes a look at the boom-and-bust cycles and points a way forward to success […]

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‘Filming the sun, using the sun’

Parts of Japan will be among the lucky regions to experience a full solar eclipse on May 21, the first over the island nation for 25 years. A team sponsored by Panasonic will be live-streaming the event from the top of the country’s most iconic geographic symbol, Mt. Fuji, using batteries charged by the company’s […]

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